Better East Texas: Is there a solution to Chicago’s violence problem?

(SOURCE: KTRE News Staff)
(SOURCE: KTRE News Staff)

(KLTV/KTRE) - The city of Chicago, one of the largest and most celebrated cities in America has a huge issue with gun violence. Over the course of last weekend, sixty-six people were shot, twelve of them died. Authorities and city officials blame the violence on gang activity which certainly appears to be one of the roots of problem.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come under fire for not doing enough. He is up for reelection early next year, so political opponents are lining up to go after him. But while Chicago may need more law enforcement or even federal help to slow and eventually stop these shootings, it is a shortage of values and family units that are at the epicenter of the cause.

First of all, many of these shooting happen after midnight and there is the old cliché that says nothing good happens after midnight. Parents and family members need to act to get all young people off the street when it is that late – remove the targets.

Secondly, if you have read articles about the current state of Chicago, you get a sense of hopelessness in some officials and residents. They want to fight back, but they really don't know how to. So, this is a war on a shortage of values as well. When people don't value human life, you typically cannot stop them if they want to harm someone else. Chicago has some great history but if it is going to have a future, it will take political, individual and even corporate leadership to regain civility in the city.

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