Better East Texas: Corrupt Government

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Nations cheat and absolute monarchies can be corrupt. We see a measure of this with the Saudi’s who were once thought to be international friends and now killing a member of the press in their consulate in Turkey. Throughout history, we have seen corrupt individuals rule with an iron fist to keep power and keep those that oppose them at bay. We see it in Russia today as well. Thankfully, our system of government has the ultimate check and balance. In our case, very soon, voters may change the make up of congress by giving power to the democrats. Voters may also change the direction and makeup of the Texas state house even if republicans are re-elected. And then perhaps, things may stay the same. But either way, we are so blessed to live in America where our system truly reflects the will of the people. Now, it is not perfect and every 4 years there is grumbling about the Electoral College, for example, but it quiets eventually and no one in either dominant party makes a serious suggestion on changing our system. And that is because the system works. Sometimes the people are flawed, but the system works. Many new people registered to vote this election cycle, our system works better when more vote, but know also that even if historical voter participation levels are repeated, the system will still work. And that should give all of us a strong sense of comfort and confidence in the wisdom of the founders and architects of our great land we proudly call America.

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