Jasper girl to be featured in UPS short film after friendship with delivery driver

UPS driver and 6 year old

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - A Jasper girl’s friendship with a UPS driver didn’t just catch the attention of her community and local broadcasting station, it also caught the attention of the company, who will soon feature the 6-year-old in a short film.

Ups surprised Parson Blue Herrington with a child-sized delivery truck of her own.

“Complete surprise. No one knew. In fact I even kept the surprise from everyone else from the family and not even my husband and just me,” said Jennifer Herrington, her mother. “So it was a great surprise. She was really tickled.”

The company’s aim is to give back to those deserving individuals who inspire their own community which for Parson is her hometown in Jasper.

“That was amazing. It was just the most beautiful thing,” said Tammy Patrick, UPS Driver and best friend to Parson. “I got to see a little girl’s dream come true. And it just melted my heart.”

It’s all part of the Wishes Delivered Campaign. Parson is teaming with Tammy on Tuesday, to help the company kick start its fifth year of the campaign.

“They asked me yesterday, what my wish was for Parson,” Jennifer said. “And my wish is for her to be happy and healthy, the rest is just is just icing on the cake. Yesterday and today have been such beautiful days for our family. For all four us. (Tears) really really great days.”

Parson Blue Herrington’s fascination with UPS began as deliveries started pouring in when the family started a book drive called Parson Blue Book Club to give back to Texas Children’s Hospital. Parson was born with a rare genetic disorder that did not allow her to breathe on her own. At 11-months-old, she received a set of lungs from a donor which saved her life. Back in July, her love of everything UPS was brought to the forefront when we shared the story of her friendship with delivery driver, Tammy Patrick.

On Tuesday, Parson spent the afternoon on set in Lufkin shooting scenes for the piece. She’ll be featured in the ‘Wishes Delivered’ campaign, which UPS will launch on Nov. 12, which is also when Parson’s story will go live across all UPS communications channels, a brand manager said.

“The UPS Wishes Delivered campaign first launched during the 2014 holiday season, and the goal is simple: support deserving individuals making a difference in their communities and spread a message about the power of human kindness. This year, UPS will be spotlighting four individuals, including Parson Blue."
UPS Wishes Delivered Campaign

Before shooting began, the UPS team surprise Parson with a mini UPS truck to play delivery anytime she wants.

Jasper girl to be featured in UPS commercial after friendship with delivery driver

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