SFA gives back to community with Keeper of the Game event

SFA gives back to community with Keeper of the Game event

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Monday night, a handful of children were able to be some of the biggest baseball stars in East Texas.

For the second straight year, the SFA baseball program took part in an event put on by the Keeper of the Game organization. The non-profit works with baseball teams and fans with special needs to give them an experience they will not forget.

“I thought this was something that we could get out and be part of to help bring enjoyment to the young kids,” Cardenas said. “It will let them get out and be with our players and run on our field. They will get to be Lumberjacks for a day.”

According to the non-profit’s website:

“The Mission of Keeper of The Game is to provide athletes with disabilities and special needs unique baseball experiences that foster the growth and their love of baseball. Keeper of The Game promotes programs which allow these athletes to play, watch and experience baseball at a very personal level. All done with a focus on advancing servant leadership.”
Keeper of the Game website
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The School will host one more game on Oct. 29 which will have a Halloween theme with all the players dressing up in costumes. The SFA players will be on the field to assist their new teammates as they live their dream. Cardenas knows it will be the best day for many of the young athletes. He hopes it is big for his players as well.

“It’s so special for special needs students to have an opportunity to come out to and play baseball on our field and get a chance to be lumberjacks for the day,” Cardenas said. “I think our guys get more out of it than the people who are participating in it because it gives them a chance to be heroes for a little while regardless of what the score is or weather we win or lose our guys get a chance to show the person they are inside.”

For more information you can call 936-468-7796.

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