East Texas Ag News: Preparing plants, gardens for first frost, freeze

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) Fall is in full gear, and compared to the summer heat, this month has brought us pleasant outdoor gardening weather.

This Sunday is daylight saving time, and that’s a good reminder that the first frost and freezes of the year are not far away.

There are plenty of gardening opportunities in November, but don’t let the days slip by before those important chores are done.

If rain is minimal in the following weeks, irrigate as the soil becomes dry.

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Center in Overton says plants stressed by drought conditions can be easily hurt by freezing temperatures.

Experts say this is especially true for evergreens. They also say moist soil stores more of the sun’s energy and for a longer time than does dry soil. This energy is released as heat after the sun sets.

You’ll also want to harvest all warm-season vegetables before a hard freeze ends production.

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