Tunnel of Oppression at SFA creates understanding about tough issues

Tunnel of Oppression at SFA creates understanding about tough issues

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - An enlightening experience called "Tunnel of Oppression is an event

organizers at SFA designed to help people become a better person.

Tunnel of Oppression sheds light on various forms of cruelty that are in the news most every day.

The event's goal is for visitors to leave with more awareness about the world around them.

"So you’re actually pledging to be more culturally aware and to make sure you’re not making micro-aggressions towards other people,” explained Amber Stafford, President of the Lumberjack Cultural Association.

Winding hallways, dim lighting, and transformed classrooms shed light on a wide range of issues.

Breanna Moore is sharing, of all things, a personal journey about her hair.

“For me, it’s personally a big deal because recently I cut off all my hair to embrace who I am as a black woman.”

Moore said the adults around her always put relaxers on her hair since she was about five years old. As an adult, Moore was anxious to find out exactly what her hair looked like naturally. Impatient for the change, she just cut it off and “started over”.

“It was a liberating moment,” said Moore.

Timely issues are addressed.

In the Me Too era, sexual assault isn’t ignored.

"It's all about victim blaming, so some of these quotes say, 'What were you wearing,’ explained Stafford.

And more is said about the importance of mental health awareness.

Andrea Flores said she knows college students are loners and people don’t want to be around them because they’re ‘secluded’.

"I do think it is important for people to be empathetic and to refer them to the help."

The Tunnel of Oppression is about understanding cultures, lifestyles, and opinions.

It's why Gebrais Pillar, who is African American, is a member of the Organization of Latin Americans.

"I grew up in San Antonio so I easily connected with the Latino culture, but also I believe that it's easy to embrace the diversity. "

The Tunnel of Oppression hosted 700 guests last year with some past participants saying they have a better understanding of the world around them.

Public tours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The event begins at the SFA Baker Patillo Student Center movie theatre.

It’s suggested that the event is not suitable for children 13 and under due to the intensity of the subject matter.

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