Work underway to address erosion issue in Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Work underway to address erosion issue in Sam Rayburn Reservoir

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Work got underway Tuesday morning to help alleviate some of the erosion of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir’s earthen dam caused wind and wave action.

The Army Corp of Engineers began placing riprap, a loose rock and gravel mixture, along a stretch of Highway 255 just east of the Sam Rayburn Lake Project Office. The riprap mixture will be placed on the upstream face of the earthen dam “where armor has been lost to wind/wave action", county officials explained.

The erosion is due in part to high water levels the dam has experienced in recent months. In late January, the Corps made the decision to open the floodgates to release water accumulated in the lake after heavy rainfall.

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The Army Corps of Engineers has previously said water levels have not been any cause for concern, even with the closure of recreational areas along Sam Rayburn Reservoir on Jan. 31 due to “excessively high” water levels in the lake and surrounding rivers, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

Jasper County officials said signs would be placed along Highway 255 to stop traffic for short periods of time while the loaders are placing the gravel mixture; minimal traffic impact is expected. Officials added the work was expected to wrap up as early as Wednesday morning.

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