Ft. Worth couple revisits ‘love lock’ on metal tree in Lufkin

Tree mimics popular bridge in Paris

Ft. Worth couple revisits ‘love lock’ on metal tree in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - On Valentine’s Day, couples were encouraged to leave their mark in Lufkin once again this year.

The “Locked with Love” tree in downtown Lufkin mimics the love locks on the popular bridge in France with an East Texas twist. The metal tree was unveiled in 2016 and is made to resemble a pine tree. Couples visiting the downtown streets can come to the Cotton Square Park and put their lock on the tree.

The tree holds numerous locks today and is a unique way for East Texans to show that love is meant to last. That was certainly the case for one Fort Worth couple who say they plan to come back each year to visit the lock they placed on the tree three weeks ago.

“We’re like, ‘Oh that’s so cute!’ So we went to the store and we got a lock,” Mindy Walker said.

Her husband said that seeing all those locks on the tree is symbolic of love’s endurance.

“There’s so many locks on there,” her husband Brandon said. "It’s really cool to look at some of them and see how many years some of these people have been together. It’s really really cool to see, and I just think it’s a really great testament to love and how long it lasts.”

Brandon and Mindy are originally from Lufkin. They’ve been together for five years and say they always visit their love lock when visiting their hometown.

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