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Ramnath Hearing Update

by Tashun Chism

Today Priya Ramnath did something she'd never done before. She walked out of the federal court in Lufkin without having to wear shackles or an orange jump suit.

"I'm pleased to have Judge Hines allow her to stay out one more week," said Ramnath's US attorney, Al Charanza.

One more week before United Kingdom authorities come to Lufkin to extradite Ramnath. She and her attorney had originally planned to fight extradition. But to the court's surprise, Ramnath decided to waive today's extradition hearing.

"She's hoping by agreeing to go back and working with the United Kingdom's judicial system that the family will have closure and she can get this closure for her as well so she can return to her family here in the United States," Chazanza told us.

An extradition treaty has been made between the the US, the UK and Ramnath and her attorneys. For voluntarily turning herself in, Ramnath expects bail to be set at her next hearing in the UK. Charanza tells us Ramnath's bail here in the US gave her much needed to time to be with friends and family, not to mention plan her next steps.

"It's given her an opportunity to work with me and her attorneys in the United Kingdom to address this case and decide what the best course of action is. And we believe our best course of action is going back to the United Kingdom and adressing it there in the courts of the united kingdom," said Charanza.

Ramnath is scheduled to turn herself in for extradition Friday, February 15, 2008. If UK authorities decide to come before the set extradition date, Ramnath must turn herself in one hour prior to their arrival.

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