Heritage Land Bank to pay $3.5 million in patronage

East Texas Ag News: February is month to refill ponds to normal level

East Texas Ag News: The latest cattle and hay numbers

East Texas Ag News: Tips on planting potatoes in your spring garden

East Texas Ag News: Utilizing winter forage

East Texas Ag News: Best time to prune fruit trees

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  East Texas Ag News: Keeping an eye for when trees bud

East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

East Texas Ag News: Cold frames can extend gardener’s growing season

East Texas Ag News: How to better care for your pasture

East Texas Ag News: Checking last year’s seeds

East Ag News: Ways to prevent larger-than-expected calf birth weights

  East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers from the East Texas Livestock Market report out of Crockett.

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of pruning trees and shrubs

Now that we’re well into the winter season, it’s time to prune your trees and shrubs.

  East Texas Ag News: Preparing your soil for growing onions

If you’re looking to add onions to your garden, now is the perfect time to start planting.

East Texas Ag News: Preparing for the 2019 hay season

2018 was a difficult year for hay producers across the lone star state.

Jump start spring fever with SFA Gardens' Winter Seed Swap

East Texas Ag New: How to properly apply nutrients to soil

East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

East Texas Ag News: Tune up sprayer in winter to help with spring herbicide applications

East Texas Ag News: How to reduce cold stress in cattle

East Texas Ag News: Tips on early planting for spring gardens

  East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: High protein winter supplements for cattle

Many stockmen in the area are in the midst of stretching their hay supplies.

East Texas Ag News: Effective weed control products for lawn maintenance

If you take a close look at your lawn, you will see green vegetation growing, but it’s not your turfgrass.

East Texas Ag News: What can you plant in winter months?

Unlike other parts of the country, the ground here in East Texas doesn’t freeze.

East Texas Ag News: Tips on mowing around exposed tree roots

Trees with exposed roots can be an problem for mowers. But pruning roots is not a long-term fix because they will continue to grow.

East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

  East Texas Ag News: Avoid tilling saturated soil when prepping garden

It's that time of year where many gardeners are getting an itch to till and work up their garden soil.

East Texas Ag News: Soil testing for hay fields

Soil testing is one of the easiest methods to measure the productivity and input costs of your pasture and hay meadows.

East Texas Ag News: Feeding birds in the winter months

Keep a look out at your feeders.

East Texas Ag News: Seed planting tips for the new year

You can start the new year off planting seeds in your garden.

East Texas Ag News: Latest numbers for hay, cattle producers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Building your garden soil

If your garden has some fallow areas that need building, the Winter months are an excellent time to add organic matter, which is beneficial to all soils.

Livestock Market Report

Check out the current Livestock Market Report.

Grazing demonstration with turnips

A recent trial looked at the viability of seeding turnips with ryegrass as a winter grazing option for cattle. The results delved into the specifics of this option that may sound odd to some.

East Texas Ag News: Baling hay after the first frost

The dry weather from the summer coupled with the excessive rains this fall have prevented a lot of hay producers from getting as much hay baled.

Late season hay harvest

It's true that many livestock producers will regularly bale hay late in the fall.

Pruning trees and shrubs

If you are itching to start purning now, wait a little longer.

Water well training and testing opportunity

Landowners that get household water from their private water well have a one-time chance to get a couple of tests conducted free of charge.On Wednesday, Nov 7 from 1 -5 pm, the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) will be hosting a free training and water testing at the Angelina County Extension office

Angelina Ag Extension News - Pecans in your landscape

Cary Sims, the Angelina County agriculture extension agent, discusses diseases that affect pecan crops.

East Texas Ag News: Ag extension agent shares composting tips

An East Texas ag extension agent shares tips on composting.

Mushrooms, fertilizer, fire ants, lime and stopping spring weeds

Fall is a unique time for lawn management. As of this writing, there are only about 60 days until the average first frost. The lawn should be winding down but we still have to mow until cooler temperatures and shorter days stop the grass from growing.

PHOTOS: Ag life in East Texas

East Texas Ag News is your source for all things related to your agri-business and commodities markets.

  East Texas Ag News: The importance of bees in agriculture

One out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent on pollinators such as honeybees.

East Texas Ag News: Pesticide tips for vegetable gardeners

As you treat for weeds, diseases and insects or pests in your garden, you need to be mindful of the products pre-harvest interval.

East Texas Ag News: The latest cattle and hay numbers

This morning we have the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Measuring bales of hay

Have you ever wondered exactly how big a bale of hay actually is? Buying and selling hay is often a difficult endeavor.

East Texas Ag News: Some insects beneficial for gardening

Did you know that 97-percent of the insects most commonly seen in homes and gardens are considered either beneficial or innocuous?      Gardeners who learn to put the beneficial insects to work is an important "earth kind" practice that can help reduce the use of chemical pesticides in the environment.

Armyworms in lawns and pastures

This year we have seen a tremendous outbreak of armyworms affecting pastures and hay meadows like we typically expect to see.

Army worms have infiltrated Deep East Texas

Its being called an epidemic spreading across Deep East Texas and the culprit is eating away lawns, gardens, and hay pastures.

East Texas agriculture experts warn of 'false fall'

It may be more than halfway through summer, but some agriculture specialists say that here in East Texas, we'll be getting a early look at fall. But, only when it comes to trees. "Late July, early August is a time when, I just assume that these trees are going to still have a lot of life in the leaves and that kind of thing," said homeowner, Gary Hunter. That's why Hunter said he started to worry when his yard was suddenly covered with a layer of dead leaves. Pe...

Nacogdoches business owner, doctor, chef spreading word about heart disease

American Heart Month is winding down. Health care providers share prevention and warning signs of heart disease that can help people for a lifetime. A woman, a doctor, and a chef are spreading knowledge about heart disease among women.

Weekly Market Report

Compared to last week: all classes of feeder steers and heifers ended $3 to $5 higher with instances up $7 higher. Slaughter cows showed firm too uneven while the slaughter bulls showed to be steady. Buyer trade and demand was extremely active on an exceptionally good supply of feeder calves!

Top Ten Mistakes Pond Owners Make–Part II

Numbers 5-1.

Top Ten Mistakes Pond Owners Make–Part 1

Numbers 10-6.

Keep an Eye Out for Forage Pests

Grasshoppers, Fall Armyworms, and Imported Fire Ants are the major insect pests of pastures in East Texas.

Farm Pond Management Calendar

Tips to keep your farm pond healthy.

Cary Simms

Cary Simms, the Angelina County Extension agent, is responsible for providing research based information on agricultural and natural resource issues.  Learn more about this agent, and about the Angelina County Extension...

Crispin Skinner

Crispin Skinner is the County Extension Agent with the Cooperative Extension Program Prairie View A&M University for Nacogdoches County.  Learn about this agent, and about the services provided through the Nacogdoches Cooperative Extension...

Chad Gulley

Chad Gulley is the County Extension Agent in Agriculture and Natural Resources for Nacogdoches County.  Learn about this extension agent, and about the services provided through the Nacogdoches Extension...

Planting the Home Garden

Large or small, the rewards of a home garden are satisfying. Farm and Ranch Page

The Farm and Ranch Page will launch in January 2008.

A full service tractor dealership in East Texas

Fish and Still carries equipment for all types of outdoor work from simple yard work to professional farming and ranching.