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Does It Work? U - Z

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  • Yoshi Blade: "Does It Work?"

    Yoshi Blade: "Does It Work?"

    If you were to categorize all the "As seen on TV" products in the universe, the "cutting things up" category would probably be the largest. Well, there's a new product on the scene claiming to be the best at something.More >>
  • Zero Gravity Car: "Does It Work?"

    Zero Gravity Car: "Does It Work?"

    Does It Work loves toys this time of year. The commercials make them look so cool, able to do just about anything. This week's product apparently defies gravity, and if it works, that could be one of the coolest things your kids will find under the tree this Christmas. KLTV 7's Joe Terrell shows us what happened when the Air Hogs remote control Zero Gravity car faced the Does It Work test.More >>
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