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Check out some last-minute Halloween costume ideas! More>>


To everyone's surprise, meteorologist Katie Baker dressed up like her CBS 5 Morning News co-anchors on Halloween. More>>


DUI Task Force patrolling Valley streets Halloween night


Halloween is a night filled with young kids trick-or-treating and the older kids having fun at parties and east valley police officers want to make sure everyone stays safe so they are participating in the East Valley DUI Task Force. More>>


Check out Halloween photos from CBS 5 News staff members. More>>

(Source: David Broyles) (Source: David Broyles)

Do you think you have the spookiest Halloween decorations in the Valley?! See the entries and submit your photos! More>>

'Operation Blackout' to protect children from sex offenders Video included


This Halloween, thousands of children will take the streets and their safety is key. More>>


See viewer-submitted photos of pets in adorable and scary Halloween costumes! More>>

Costume contact lenses: How to use without requiring eye surgery Video included


Creepy contact lenses are a great way to perfect a scary Halloween costume, but one Columbus Doctor is warning consumers about the permanent eye damage they can get if they do not use lenses properly. More>>


Travel website TripAdvisor ranked the real life locations seen in scary movies, just in time for Halloween. More>>

There could be a new couple barking down the aisle this season. Your pet could end up on the best dressed list for the funniest, cutest and most well-thought out costume. Get your pet involved in the festivities this Halloween 2013. More>>


Keep your pets safe this Halloween

(Source: Huffington Post) (Source: Huffington Post)

The Arizona Humane Society has some helpful tips to ensure a safe and stress-free evening for your pets. More>>


What costumes will you see when you go to the local bar's Halloween party or you take your kids trick-or-treating this year? Here are some costumes that are on our radar for Halloween 2013. More>>


The Phoenix Zoo plans several Halloween events sure to scare up restless spirits of all ages. More>>

Making plans for Halloween? CBS5AZ.com has details on hundreds of "spook-tacular" events going on across Arizona! More>>

Halloween is the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth. Check out some of these frighteningly delightful recipes, designed to make any Halloween get-together just a little bit more enjoyable. More>>


Urban myth or not, hundreds of places across the United States are said to be haunted.  Check 25 of the most haunted places in America as listed by USA Today, the Travel Channel and Time Magazine. More>>

Unusual photographs show activity that may be paranormal. What do you think?


These Halloween costumes will make you the talk of the party this year.

Top 10 real dangers of Halloween

Here's how to keep your children safe from burns, falls, poisoning and other threats during Halloween. More>>

(Source: halloweencostumes.com) (Source: halloweencostumes.com)

Are sexy teen costumes a cause for concern? More>>

(Source: AP) (Source: AP)

The U.S. Census Bureau culled these Halloween numbers from its statistical reports on the American population.

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