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James Byrd Jr. Story - Spring 1999 Events

  • James Byrd Jr. Story - Spring 1999 EventsJames Byrd Jr. Story - Spring 1999 EventsMore>>

  • King’s Lawyers Want Out

    King’s Lawyers Want Out

    On January 7, 1999, 2 of William King's lawyers filed a motion asking that they be allowed to withdraw from the case. The lawyers, Sonny Cribbs and Brack Jones Junior said that their client refused toMore >>
  • Racist Fence Comes Down

    Racist Fence Comes Down

    On January 21, 1999, an iron fence that divided the graves of Blacks and those of Whites was torn down. It stood at the Texas Cemetery for over 160 years in Jasper. It is the cemetery where James ByrdMore >>
  • James Byrd Jr. Act

    James Byrd Jr. Act

    On January 26, 1999, State Senator Rodney Ellis filled a proposal to strengthen the Texas Hate Crime Law. The James Byrd Jr. Act would define a hate crime as any offense motivated by race, disability,More >>
  • James Byrd Jr. Foundation

    James Byrd Jr. Foundation

    On February 1, 1999, a foundation in James Byrd Jr's name was founded by his family. The James Byrd Jr. Family Foundation for Racial Healing is set up to eradicate prejudice. All funds contributed toMore >>
  • Judge Gets Tough

    Judge Gets Tough

    On February 2, 1999, District Judge Joe Bob Golden ordered that the demonstrators that have gathered daily outside the courthouse must stay two blocks from the courthouse once testemony begins. He alsoMore >>
  • King Goes To Trial

    King Goes To Trial

    On February 16, 1999, William King was delivered in a bullet proof vest to the Jasper County Courthouse to begin his capital murder trial in the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. Surrounded by officers,More >>
  • Guilty Verdict For King

    Guilty Verdict For King

    On February 23, 1999, the verdict in the William King trial was handed down. Jurors only took 2 hours and 30 min to come to a guilty verdict. Jurors now had to face the haunting task of deciding hisMore >>
  • King Gets Death Sentence

    King Gets Death Sentence

    On February 25, 1999, convicted killer William King recieved a death sentence. It took jurors less than 3 hours to decide on the penalty for the White Supremacist that killed James Byrd Jr. He becameMore >>
  • Jasper On High Alert

    Jasper On High Alert

    On April 19, 1999, Jasper was placed on high alert over some letters intercepted from inmates by the correctional division about a possible homecoming of the "Aryan Nation," in Jasper. The letters wereMore >>
  • Brewer Trial Not In Jasper

    Brewer Trial Not In Jasper

    On April 28, 1999, a judge made the official statement that the capital murder trial of Lawrence Russell Brewer would not be held in Jasper. District Attorney Guy James Gray had fought successfully toMore >>
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