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TMJ - Sleep Apnea - Headaches
Dr. Bryan Blevins provides professional services related to the conservative management of TMJ and sleep disorders. The practice is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and facial pain related to TMJ disorders, and oral appliance therapy for sleep disorders:
  • Snoring
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea - "OSA"
  • Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome - "UARS"
  • Bruxism - Clenching and/or grinding of the teeth during sleep
Fifty million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, bruxism, and chronic headaches. In our clinical experience, most headaches, including those often described as "migraine", are related to TMJ disorders, bruxism, muscle hyperactivity, muscle spasm, stress, and non-restful sleep. Browse this page for more information on these conditions and their treatment.
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