Lemon-raspberry pound cake with fresh lemon glaze by Mama Steph

This cake is perfectly sprint-y, with its lemony yellow color flecked with pink raspberry pieces. It’s moist and delicious, too.

  Lemony strawberry oat bars by Pearl’s Kitchen

  Hummingbird pie by Mama Steph

  Pi Day: Since 1988, an infinite excuse to eat dessert

  Red velvet cookie bars with M&Ms by Mama Steph

  Cherry-cream cheese streudel by Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant

  Louisiana Bread Pudding by Chef Anne Kelt

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  No-bake peanut butter pie by Mama Steph

  3-ingredient white chocolate-cream cheese fudge by Mama Steph

  3-ingredient cookies with cranberries, white chocolate and pecans by Mama Steph

Eggnog bread pudding by Chef David Wallace

3-ingredient white chocolate-cranberry fudge by Mama Steph

  Mini puff pastry apple roses by Hick & Frog Bistro

  3-ingredient pumpkin ‘brownies’ by Mama Steph

First, these low-fat treats are unusual….not the typical brownies, they’re very dense, quite moist, and have the flavor of fall, even without the oil and eggs! Just don’t expect them to be cake-like; they’re definitely unique in that regard.

No-bake creamy strawberry pie by Mama Steph

This recipe makes one delicious pie that is beautiful enough to serve on Easter Sunday...or anytime you want to make something easy but special!

  5-ingredient cake with berries by Mama Steph

With this simple cake made from five ingredients you likely always have in your kitchen, you can make a dessert anytime!

  Lemon-raspberry blondies by Mama Steph

Here's a really simple and 100% delicious recipe for a springtime treat that is just as lovely to look at as it is delicious to eat!

  Lemon Gin Mousse by Sabor a Pasion’s Chef Simon Webster

Chocolate-strawberry trifles by Mama Steph

  4-ingredient Baked Alaska by Chef David Wallace

  Caramel-banana nut cake by Mama Steph

  4-ingredient Almond Joy cookies by Mama Steph