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Brass: Use regular white toothpaste. Shirley Myers, SC


To get brass shiny, clean it with ketchup and a soft cloth. It brings the shine right out. Jaime, WI
To clean brass quickly and effortlessly dip in full strength ammonia for a few minutes then just dry. Will not work on coated brass ; must be solid brass. Carolyn Tn.

Copper: Want to shine up your old copper and brass lamps or decorative pieces? Put it in the sink, spray with Kaboom!, let it set for a few seconds, then rinse and wipe dry. It will be pretty and shiny again. Extremely dirty pieces may need a second spraying. Karen Rein, OK

Copper-bottomed pots: Make a paste of salt and vinegar and rub it on, then wash off with warm water. Susan Carter

Diamonds:  To clean diamonds, baking soda and an old toothbrush make them look like new!
 Lisa Lynch, VA

Gemstone Jewelry: Vodka and a toothbrush! Hank

Jewelry: Use toothpaste and an old toothbrush and brush the item until clean, then rinse with cold water and wipe with dry cloth. Lorna Cowan, MS

Do not use ammonia on gold or any other jewelry, it crystallizes the metal and makes it more prone to crack/break. Especially on prongs.
T Jones, MI

Boil a cup of water in the microwave. When water is boiling put the cup in the sink and add Mr. Clean (about 2 teas.) Do not put Mr. Clean with water in microwave, it will make a mess. Put in
jewelry and within 15 minutes it looks new. Do not put pearls, opals, or emeralds in this, they will crack. I worked in a major jewelry store and that is what we used. Rinse with water when finished. Donna R., IN

If you have jewelry that's dull, and has lost it's spark, take 1 to 2 denture tablets dissolve in water, add jewelry, and watch the spark and shine come back to all your dull jewelry, and it won't harm the jewelry, try it ; it really does work !!!!!
Katherine Opelousas, LA

Use Mr.Clean for your jewelry. Soak and rinse using a soft toothbrush. Removes the grime from everyday wear. Nelda G., MS

Stainless Steel: To remove water spots on stainless steel, rub the area with a clean, soft cloth dampened with white vinegar. Then wipe dry to avoid spots. To clean your stainless steel sink use automatic dish washing powder. Sandra, GA

After cleaning your stainless steel. make it shine with chrome polish. Rub chrome polish, let dry buff with clean cloth. Also, good on marble shower walls. Claudette Stevens

To make stainless steel cookware shiny and clean, put about a tablespoon of white vinegar and enough water to cover soiled area and let sit in a hot pan or simmer while you clean up the kitchen. Wash and dry. Mid Frey, Oh.

To clean built up grease off of stainless steel use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  It just rubs right off with no scratching.  It is amazing.  Joyce Wright, TN

Sterling Silver: Polish sterling silver in a pinch by using any non-gel toothpaste. Simply cover the sterling with a coat of toothpaste, buff and polish. Your sterling will shine beautifully! Cate, CT


You can clean sterling silver with cigarette ashes and water. Rub on the ashes and rinse them off. It will take the tarnish off. Brandy, NY
Mix water, liquid clothes softener and salt in the sink. Lay a piece of aluminum foil (shiny side up) in the bottom. Dip silverware in and voila polished silver. Experiment with amounts of softener and salt. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of salt but works great. Judith, Engle, IA
Don't waste money on those pastes and tarnish removers! Get a tube of (non-whitening)toothpaste and a nice gum brush. Shiny silver and it smells better than tarnish removers. Jules, RI

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