Better East Texas: Get a financial health checkup

Interest rates are rising and while they are still historically low, they are on the move up. What does that mean to most of us?

  Better East Texas: Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts making a difference

Years ago, we used to see abducted or missing persons’ pictures printed on milk cartons. Now, we have social media, cell phones and mobile news apps delivering notifications of Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts.

Better East Texas: Pros, cons of corporal punishment

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated a policy statement that recommends parents avoid all forms of corporal punishment as a form of behavior control in children.

Better East Texas: Take school bus safety seriously

Better East Texas: Taking School Bus Safety Seriously

Better East Texas: Healing, civility for the U.S.?

The return of civility would bring healing to the U.S.

BET: Migrant Caravan, porous borders

No one seems to have an answer in addressing the migrant caravan of several thousand people seeking asylum in the U.S.

Better East Texas: Corrupt Government

Nations cheat and absolute monarchies can be corrupt. We see a measure of this with the Saudi’s who were once thought to be international friends and now killing a member of the press in their consulate in Turkey.

Better East Texas: Texans and Tobacco

Texans have always been independent and proud – oftentimes going against the grain of pop culture and other societal pressures.

Judge finds Lufkin man guilty of manslaughter in March 2017 shooting death

An Angelina County district judge found a Lufkin man guilty of manslaughter in connection to the March 2017 shooting death of Ronnie Roberts shortly after the prosecuting and defense attorneys made their closing arguments Thursday morning.

Better East Texas: Express your political opinion by voting, not arguing

Before you make that next snarky social media post or engage in a political debate with a friend or family member, register to vote.

Better East Texas: Weather Channel reporter loses trust

Once the pedestrians entered the shot, Mike Seidel’s cover was blown.

  Better East Texas: Kavanaugh under fire

The #MeToo movement has come from nowhere to prominence and has brought victims out of the shadows.

Better East Texas: Awareness of rules, good conduct important this school year

There are a lot of ways to get in trouble at school. This time of year, high school students are expected to review and commit to a code of conduct that applies to their campus.

Better East Texas: School security, the new normal

School is back in session in most areas, and with the new school year comes a new round of increased security measures. Thankfully, East Texas schools are being proactive to harden school campuses to prevent unwanted entry and preserve safety for students and faculty alike.

Better East Texas: Founders said media is ‘necessity and right of the people’

It is no surprise that we are weathering the storm of political divide in America.  Some would say it started with President Obama and some would say President Trump started it, but it may have happened more organically than many would admit.

Better East Texas: High school name change debate concluded for now; what happens next?

The debate on whether to rename Robert E Lee High School in Tyler has come a conclusion for now.

Better East Texas: Is there a solution to Chicago’s violence problem?

The city of Chicago, one of the largest and most celebrated cities in America has a huge issue with gun violence.

Better East Texas: Focus on our democracy when considering Supreme Court nominees

As we reflect on the birth of our country this week, we have all hopefully paused to give thanks for America.  While we remain divided on many topics, and protest marches seem to be the order of the day, we should truly focus on what our democracy is and that is a reflection of the will of the people.

Better East Texas: Will splitting up California solve its problems?

California has the largest homeless population in the nation, leads the nation in poverty, and performance scores by school-aged children are pretty low.  Ironically, the state will have a record rainy-day fund of more than $8 billion.

Better East Texas: Improving school safety in East Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature will have the tall task of trying to create laws through legislation that will prevent school shooting in Texas in the future.

Better East Texas: Remembering the real reason for Memorial Day

It is hard to remember 2-year span when the flag of the United States and the traditions surrounding it were more under attack than right now.

Better East Texas: The problem with sanctuary cities

The term sanctuary city has risen to prominence in the past year, as numerous city and even a few state governments have declared that they will protect illegal immigrants from possible federal prosecution.

Residential speeding

Recently, we have noticed an alarming number of motorist speeding through residential  neighborhoods.  Law enforcement officials have informed us that the problem is growing.

Congressional gridlock

The elections are over and the American people have spoken.  They do not want one party control of the government.  The electorate decided that the Republicans should have a significant voice in determining the course of this country.  Now with control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans can help decide how to solve the major challenges the nation faces.