Charles Frazar's hometown of Martinsville focuses on supporting family

MARTINSVILLE, TX (KTRE) - At Martinsville High School Charles Frazar, Charlie, to his friends earned the title of salutatorian. High grades earned him first in a physics UIL contest. "Colorful, I guess you could say," said his teacher, Kristen Powers while thumbing through a 2005 year book. She enjoyed recalling those happier times. "He was always joking around and always picking. He was the life of the class. He really was." There was also a serious side.  "Charlie was very self confident. A very self confident young man," described Powers. That confidence showed on the basketball court. The athletic teen participated in all the sports. Even got to experience a baseball district championship. This is the story Martinsville wants people to know about their hometown boy who died a violent death.

There are unanswered questions still about the death of Charles Frazar, but the little town of martinsville chooses to focus on the family's grief. "That's the beauty of this community and school is that we are not quick to judge. We are quick to open our arms and prayers and care about the people in our community," said Powers.

"There will always be time for judgement later," commented Isaac Heath, the family's pastor.  The family lost the middle son of three close brothers. The pain is too much. "In light of the tragedy, they do respectfully request their privacy," explained Heath. "It is very important to them in a time of grief right now. They are being well supported by friends, by family and by the church family." And the town of Martinsville. "My heart goes out to them," said Power. "It really does and from the schools standpoint and our community we're just very supportive of their grief right now."

From high school to college Charles Frazar was well liked. The funeral is set for Sunday at Cason Monk Metcalf Sunset Chapel at 2 p.m..