Local law enforcement officers rescue missing woman

Local law enforcement officers have rescued a 60-year-old woman reported missing out of Baton Rouge, according to Lt. Jimmy York of the Angelina Sheriff's Office.

The woman was found on a road to a rural cemetery near Zavalla late Friday afternoon by four law enforcement officers. York said her car was first found stuck on the road by a local resident on March 8. The resident became concerned when they saw it again on Friday and reported it to the Zavalla police.

Police Chief Bobby Epperly ran the license plate and discovered the owner of the car was Deanna Guillory and she had been reported missing out of Baton Rouge, La., on March 4.

York said they found a jacket about 30 feet from the car and followed that trail and found Deanna Guillory lying on the ground about 100 feet from the car.

York said Guillory was probably on the verge of hypothermia but last heard she was sitting up in her hospital bed and her vital signs were good.

York said the officers had to tote her out on a stretcher to an ambulance parked off the rural road.