Suspect Kyle Barnhill arrested for wife's murder

From the KTRE East Texas newsroom...East Texas News has learned that murder suspect Kyle Barnhill has been arrested and is expected to be flown back from Eagle Pass to Nacogdoches on Tuesday.

A murder warrant  was issued today for Kyle Barnhill, the estranged husband of Melissa Barnhill, killed after a gunman outside her home shot her through the kitchen window.

In a press release detectives working on the case state: "On this date detectives with The Nacogdoches Police Department obtained information that suspect, Kyle Barnhill, was in the Eagle Pass, Texas area. A warrant for the murder of Melissa Barnhill was obtained and with the assistance of the Texas Rangers and local law enforcement in Eagle Pass, Barnhill was arrested and will be transported to Nacogdoches as soon as possible."

KTRE has since learned Nacogdoches detectives will fly to Eagle Pass Tuesday morning and are expected to return the murder suspect back to Nacogdoches on Tuesday.

KTRE spoke with Luke Barnhill, nephew of Kyle and Melissa Barnhill, to get his reaction to Kyle Barnhill's arrest, and he said, "It's a relief.  If he is guilty, then I'm glad he was caught."

Earlier today, friends and family gathered at Gipson's Funeral Chapel in Lufkin Monday to pay their last respects to Melissa Barnhill.  Barnhill was gunned down in her kitchen when someone from outside her house fired a shot through the window.  She died on her kitchen floor with her two daughters, ages 3 and 10, watching helplessly.

Armed law enforcement officers were stationed around the premises as funeral services were held.  No incidents were reported.

The Barnhill family believes Melissa Barnhill needed protection, especially after her estranged husband, Kyle, was arrested on February 11th for harassing and threatening his wife.  Two days after Kyle Barnhill's arrest, Melissa Barnhill went to court to get a restraining order against her husband. The judge granted it, finding a clear and present danger to Melissa and her children.  The judge ordered Kyle Barnhill to stay away from the family and surrender his license to carry a concealed weapon.

We will have more information as details are released here on and on KTRE's East Texas News.