$80 billion industry report record-setting growth

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -  While many retailers are feeling the strain of the economy, Cartridge World is doing better than just surviving these times, but flourishing.

According to the Nacogdoches store owner, Rick Bertke, "In the last two months, January and February, we were up 25% over the same months last year and March is turning out to be the same". Most of their new business is stemming from companies scouting for ways to cut expenses.

"Business can save $50 to $100 a month", says Bertke. But businesses aren't the only ones saving. "Just an individual will walk out of here and if they buy two cartridges and save $10 to $25 and that's $10 to $25 in their pocket".

So how is this recession resistant industry able to save some customers up to 50 percent off regular toner and ink jet cartridges? "We refill them, remanufacture them, and that's where we pass on the savings because it's much cheaper to do it that way", replies Bertke.

The company feels as long as the demand for printing and printer cartridges is a constant factor of life and doing business, Cartridge World will continue to thrive, bucking the bad economic outlook.

Cartrige World is the fastest growing ink and toner refilling retailer and franchiser in the $80 billion printer cartridge industry.