911 Calls released from Charles Frazar murder

By Lane Luckie - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Through an open records request, KTRE requested the Nacogdoches Police Department release the 9-1-1 calls related to the Charles Frazar murder.

In one call, the female caller described what she saw after a man knocked on her door.

Female Caller: "He had blood all over his jacket. Like he was covered in blood."

911 Dispatcher: "Black male, white male?"

Female Caller: "Black."

911 Dispatcher: "What color jacket?"

Female Caller: "Black and white checkered."

Another call came in from the Nacogdoches Medical Center, where one of the suspects was treated for his injuries.

911 Dispatcher: "911. Where is your emergency?"

Male Caller: "Yea, this is **** from the Medical Center Hospital. We just had a stabbing victim come into the emergency room."

911 Dispatcher: "Where did it occur at?"

Male Caller: "We don't know where it occurred. He walked in from outside."

Another woman called after a bleeding man knocked at her door asking for help. She went looking for him, not knowing the man is a suspect. He mentions another suspect, Okeiron Bowser.

Female Caller: What's your, what's your friend's name?

Suspect: Okeiron

Female Caller: Okeiron? What happened?

Suspect: (Expletive)

Female Caller: Just calm down.  Quit, quit. Don't scare my son.  You've got to, got to calm down.  Is he walking this way?

Suspect: Can I use your phone?

Female Caller: The police are still on the phone.

911 Dispatcher: Ma'am are they on the Northway Drive?

Female Caller: Yeah.