Houston octuplets visit Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Since December 20, 1998, Mr. and Mrs. Louis have had their hands full.

"Getting ready to go anywhere, getting ready to come to Nacogdoches wasn't easy. It's like everyday has been an experience a great one" says Nkem Chukwu, the mother of eight.

Just like typical ten year olds, they love having fun.

The kids told KTRE, "We like to play outside. I like to read, we like to do homework together and play games".

From the octuplets arrival home from the hospital til now, these 8 bundles of joy have been a blessing.

Mr. and Mrs. Loius agree, "Its God that's made it possible for us and for them to survive so we pray a lot and teach them how to pray and how to believe and of course they know to fight is a no-no. We teach them how to share and how to read the Bible, how to love, and what love is all about. And they share and love each other".

Of course with 8 kids, there are disagreements, but they learn how to settle them, and remain best friends forever.

Nkem Chukwu and Iyke Louis Udobi plus 8, are planning their trip around the world. To learn more about the family and their endevors, even to participate in their blog visit worldfirstoctuplets.com.