COPY-Obama cracks Special Olympics joke on Leno show. Share your comments.

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) - A spokesman says President Barack Obama's quip about his bowling prowess was to poke fun at himself, not at the Special Olympics.

Toward the end of the interview last night on NBC's "The Tonight Show," Obama told host Jay Leno he's been practicing at the White House's bowling alley but his game "was like the Special Olympics or something." It prompted laughter from the audience.

But Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton says Obama thinks that the Special Olympics is "a wonderful program" that gives people with disabilities a chance to shine. Burton spoke to reporters flying back to Washington with Obama aboard Air Force One.

The chairman of the Special Olympics says Obama called him from Air Force One to apologize, even before the taped program aired last night. On ABC's "Good Morning America," Tim Shriver said its needs to be a "teachable moment," because "words hurt" and result in stereotypes.

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