An amazing story of friendship

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Scott Skelton is back to work and in full swing. You would never know he just underwent a major transplant procedure. "This week I rode my mountain back over twenty miles, and last night I walked about four miles, and I went to the soccer fields and coached my daughter's soccer team," said Scott Skelton, kidney transplant recipient.

Life is slowly more normal, thanks to a new new kidney donated to by longtime friend, fellow laywer Keith Langston. "Langston is an opponent of mine in about four-thousand asbestos cases," said Skelton.

Legal work aside, this is a case based on the virtues of friendship. "He did this...not for a relative, not for a brother, but just a friend, somebody he met through the legal business," said Skelton. "That's really special. And I'll always take away from that what it means that was willing to do that."

While skelton was undergoing treatment in Dallas for three weeks, he kept a blog to share his life changing expereince with loved ones. His wife, Sheila, said the Langston family will always hold a special place in her heart. "There's not really words to thank them, we are just so appreciate. I mean the whole thing has just been a miracle, an amazing story," said Sheila Skelton.

"Keith and I will be friends forever, and so will both of our wives, and our children. We trully share a special bond with the Langston family," said Scott Skelton.

After his experience, Scott said the gift of life is most precious gift. For more information on how to be an organ donor click here.