An East Texas woman relies on faith to flourish financially

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Two years ago Mable Cannings lost her son. She said he did not get the chance to sing for the Lord, so she is singing for him through the written word. "Quite literally my whole world just stopped and eternity was ushered in front of me and I could see what God was telling me was that the time is now," said

, author of

The Heart and Soul: One Woman's Journey


After that eye-opening moment, Cannings left her job as a travel agent, and started down the path to impact lives. Her book helps people's faith flourish in a not-so-flourishing economy. She knows it's not easy out there. "I encourage people to face the day after being knocked down or going through a difficult period of time, so I think people are going to have to rely on their faith," said Cannings.

It's a saving grace in a constantly changing economy. Her message: Shift with the times to survive. "There will have to be a shift in the mind set as well because in my day coming up it was work hard and you'll get there, no one ever said work smart and you'll get there," said Cannings.

Cannings' book encourages people to pursue their dream. "Everybody has a purpose, has that special something that their supposed to do to make a contribution in this world," said Cannings.

She has Has found her niche in this world. She teaches young people at her church the principles of success. She says your network is your networth. "Anyone who has a heart for service will always have a demand in the market place, but they're going to have to be creative," said Cannings.

In seeing success in young people, Cannings is able to keep her son's mission alive. Cannings is currently working on publishing two inspirational journals. The Heart and Soul of Business is available in several book stores. Click here for more information about Mable Cannings and her work.