Custody battle comes after a highly publicized case

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One year ago Suzanne Osburn and her niece were tied-up and beaten by Osburn's landlord, Loyd Waggoner. His case is now closed. A judge sentenced him to 60 years in prison, but Suzanne OSburn's story is not over. "They (Lufkin State School residents) don't have a good life over there; she (Osburn's niece) would have a good life with me," said Osburn, who is fighting for her niece. "I want her home."

Osburn is fighting to get her niece out of the Lufkin State School. A court hearing a week from today could determine whether her niece stays at the state school or moves to Tennessee to live with Osburn. Osburn said it is an easy choice, but that is not up to her.

We asked if her niece would be safe with her. Her reply: "That's why Adult Protective Services did the investigation," said Osburn. "There's nothing wrong with me, I don't do drugs, I'm not an alcoholic, I don't have a criminal record."

Angelina County Adult Protective Services said they have closed the case on this investigation. At this point, they cannot release any information regarding the case because it is confidential.

Osburn's niece is back in the state school because of last year's highly publicized aggravated assault case. Osburn said that was an isolated incident and should not be held against her custody hearing. "Call anyone who knows me, they know me, they know she'll be safe with me. Please," said Osburn.

The decision will be left up to the judge to decide come March 30th.