East Texan celebrates 107th birthday

By Holley Nees - bio | email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - "There's not any secret, just be yourself," said 107-year-old Abbie Rose Taylor.

So there is no real secret to being able to blow out birthday candles 107 times like Abbie Taylor.  However, it still leaves people shocked.

Abbie's Niece Joanne Hill said, "It's just an absolute miracle as far as I'm concerned."

The retired school teacher may be over a century old, but she still manages to teach everyone something.

"We all can have a wonderful storybook of our life and if we just enjoy life, then anything's possible," said Huntington Health Care Activity Director John O'Connor.

Abbie Taylor graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and taught school for 34 years.  Her niece said she still plans for the future.

"She always has a plan to do something and every time I see her, she says, 'I'm about ready to start my greenhouse now.'  So, she has been building a greenhouse in her mind, for many years," Hill said.

Even though it is her birthday, Abbie still sees that life is about something greater than yourself.

"It gives you a chance to work for the Lord too," Taylor said.

Being yourself pretty much takes care of it all.   However, if you want to learn more about living a few more years, tune into Oprah tomorrow at 4 p.m. on KTRE.