Man accused of watching kids too closely

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Brian Scott Johnson was booked into the Angelina County Jail Wednesday night. He is being held for Indecency With a Child and his bond has not yet been set.

Mike Lovelace coaches a youth baseball team. They practice at Morris Frank Park near Airport Avenue.  There, on Monday afternoon, he spotted something going on in a car.

"I passed one of the vehicles, I noticed a man in his vehicle masturbating, probably a hundred feet from a playground here that all the kids frequent," said Lovelace.

Instinct kicked in.

"I approached his vehicle, tried to open the driver's side door.  It was locked.  The window was rolled up.  I beat on his window.  You know at that time, he put his vehicle in reverse and started backing up and when he did, I noticed the driver's side window was down.  I ran around to the driver's side and tried to get in the car to grab his keys, I couldn't get his keys.  At this point, he was past reverse and fixing to go forward.  So he did, and he exited the ballpark pretty quick, you know he was gone.  I went and dialed 911," Lovelace explained.

He said you could tell the man was up to no good.

"Actually, he was parked in this very location.  From what I felt like, so he could angle his vehicle to see the playground," Lovelace said.

If he could have caught up to him, he said, "I think I would've beat his butt but...that's what he needed."

For the father of two, the incident is beyond belief.

"I mean, that is just a sick individual that would do that.  I mean that's the hardest part, knowing that, you know, in front of your kids.  I mean it's just sickening," Lovelace said.

He said he is no hero.   He was just being a father.

"I didn't do anything, I mean I wish I could've caught him, you know myself," said the Coach.

However, he did catch the man he believes is responsible when he picked Brian Johnson out of a police lineup.

Johnson was also booked back in December for Indecent Exposure.

The Coach said hopefully it will make parents be more cautious around the park, and make sure they always keep an eye on their kids.