91 year old has a story of storm survival to share

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Odessa Tolbert turned 91 on Tuesday. She's got one more story to tell her grandchildren. "I lived through that," said Tolbert from the comfort of her daughter's home.

The Pine Flat community resident lived when a large oak tree, the same one all her children played under while growing up, fell inches from the white chair she was sitting in at her residence. It happened moments before her daughter Evelyn made her routine evening call to her mother.   "She said, 'Come up here, Evelyn. A tree done fell into the house.' I just threw out everything, ran up there and seen that tree and said, 'Lord, have mercy," recalled Moore.

Mrs. Tolbert knows the good Lord answered the prayer. "I didn't have time to get scared. It was quick. Sure was. I could have got killed you know," She matter of factly stated. But family and friends came to her rescue. "I went to the car shed and found a sledge hammer and I beat the back door in and I could go in and see, but I couldn't get there because the top was down and she was in between and we couldn't get her," described Moore. Eventually Mrs Tolbert was carried through the window. A birthday blessing for sure. "The good Lord took care of me," says Tolbert.

Mrs Tolbert always says to people, 'Now you have a rest of a good day'. Those who know her are just glad tonight Mrs Tolbert is having "a rest of a good day."