Jack of the Week: Kim Daley

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's hard not to smile when you're around S.F.A. catcher Kim Daley.

"I can't just name one moment," said S.F.A. Pitcher Monika Covington.  "It's all the time."

Daley helps the Ladyjacks as one of the nation's top home run hitters.  She also keeps the team loose.

"For the most part I'm never too serious," said Daley.  "Life's too short."

"Coach (Gay McNutt) always tells us we play the best when we're having fun," said Covington.  "I think Kim plays a big part in that."

Daley has been a big part of an incredible turnaround at S.F.A.   She's one of the greatest Ladyjacks to ever play starting all four seasons.   In 196 career games, Daley's seen the good and bad.   Two losing seasons and two winning seasons.

"We always talk about how those first two years weren't so great for us," said Daley.  "But if we didn't have those we probably wouldn't appreciate this so much being turned around."

Daley's teammates appreciate her.

"Her spunkiness," said Covington.  "She always knows how to get everyone up. Whenever we have a bad inning it's always Kim who will be the one to get everyone to listen to her."

"I am playing division one softball and I appreciate that," said Daley.  "That makes me go all out. Especially with it being my last year I want to go out with a bang and have no regrets and have fun doing it."

Kim Daley is your jack of the week.