Van Wert Tornado Rated F-4

StartFragment The National Weather Service has given a preliminary rating of F-four to a tornado that struck Van Wert County yesterday. F-four tornados pack winds of 207 to 260 miles per hour.

Meteorologist John Taylor says a damage survey team from the weather service also found that multiple funnel clouds in the northwest Ohio county were part of the same tornado system.

Taylor says the damage tract was a quarter-mile wide. The weather service has not yet determined how long it was on the ground.

Taylor says the last F-four tornado in Ohio was on February 18th, 1992.

The storms killed five people yesterday as they barreled through Ohio.

Earlier today, the weather service gave a rating of F-two to a tornado in the Lake Erie town of Port Clinton. That tornado had winds of 113 to 157 miles per hour.