Jasper community proud of their Michael Sarver

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - People within Jasper city limits are ready for their home grown star to return. "Hopefully we'll have a big party or something here in Jasper when he comes home," said Terrya Norsworthy, Jasper City Council Member.

As soon as you pull into town the first thing you see is Michael Sarver's smiling face. "He's just a good old country boy, he'd give you the shirt off his back," said Tommy Eominy, a Sarver fan.

Michael Sarver may be done, for now, in Hollywood, but people in his hometown said his voice has given the city of Jasper a fresh start. "He has put Jasper back on the map in a positive way and we appreciate all the help he has done to make Jasper alive again," said Norsworthy.

It was lunch hour at Hamburger Depot when we stopped by the restaurant. People are usually buzzing about the good food, but on Friday, it was all about Sarver. "Oh yeah, very proud of him because he's from Jasper. We love him," said a Hamburger Depot employee.

"I think he's done real well and he'll go somewhere even though he got voted off," said Becky Authement, customer at Hamburger Depot.

We happened to run into one of his best friends, who said he could tell his friend was sick during his final performance on Thursday evening. "I thought he performed the song pretty well. It wasn't his best, I know him and I could tell he was tired," said Brandon Partin, Sarver's good friend.

Don't feel bad for Sarver. "He achieved a lot of what he wanted. He wanted to make the top ten. He wanted to go on tour," said Partin

Before he steps back into the limelight, Sarver will be welcomed home by people who are proud of what he represents. "We just saw it as an opportunity to promote our city, and show people a little different side of what people think about Jasper," said Terssy Morgan, Hamburger Depot co-owner. Morgan said Sarver represents the town they know.