Mom gets support during cancer treatments from 12 year old and 4 month old

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - Cancer never hits at the right time. A new mom knows that. "I found out on November 23, the day I had Sophie, that I had a bone tumor in my leg," said Charity Williams Alvy. Severe leg and bone pain developed. Charity's friend Charisma Lewis, someone with childhood arthritis can relate. "It's just like somebody stabbing you with twelve needles at the same time. It just hurts," described the Cushing student.

At first, Charity passed off the discomfort to child birth soreness. But she's also a delivery room nurse. Her husband Sammy, an ER nurse. Severe pain called for x rays. "After she gave birth it displaced, meaning that the bone moved over," demonstrated Sammy on a x-ray film of his wife's broken leg. "Here you can see it was splintered right there," he said as pointing to the break. Charity actually worked with a fractured leg during her pregnancy, but doctors couldn't x-ray it and never suspected cancer.

After Sophie's birth, the diagnosis came. Bone cancer, so rare doctors don't know what to call it. "That's when they told me they were going to do intensive therapy to try to minimize the size of the tumor by surgery," said Charity. She underwent three powerful treatments of chemo. Only four treatments that strong are allowed in a life time.

During one of Charity's rare visits home from Houston to visit her daughter, Sophie, Charisma dropped in for a visit.  "I was holding Sophie and at that moment I saw the big stack of bills and that just hurt me," said Charity. Those bills are now neatly organized, but with insurance running out, parents on medical leave, and a new baby, even a 12 year old knows help is needed.  Since Charisma has been a little girl she's organized fundraiser's for the Arthritis Foundation. This year she's switching gears. A talent show will raise funds for the Alvy family.  "This is so typical of something she would do. She's very giving and loving," said Charity. "It means the world to us that she would think of us like this, especially at her age," agreed Sammy.

The love from Charisma and Sophie inspires Charity to get well. Charity says her prognosis is good, but the April 8th leg surgery will tell doctors a lot. The talent show is Saturday night at Cushing High School from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.. If you can make it great. If not, you can help Charity and Charisma with donations. They can be mailed to New Faith Church, P.O. Box 221, Sacul, Texas 75788.