Raycom Media working with Congressman Gohmert to bring KTRE to satellite

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - KTRE is not the local channel carried by satellite providers. Our station is attempting to change that. The latest effort is to get congress involved.

This afternoon, KTRE executives organized and arranged for local community leaders to meet with representative Louie Gohmert. The goal: to find ways to persuade dish and direct tv to carry ktre's news and on-air broadcasts.

KTRE's owner, Raycom Media, believe our station should be the local station for customers of Dish and Direct TV.

"Well, there are over 30 other communities in the country who have a similar situation as KTRE where local stations are not offered," said Raycom Regional VP Brad Streit. "The hope is that this group of congressmen will rally behind their stations and support their legislation."

"A legislative fix may or may not do exactly what we want, " said Congressman Louie Gohmert. "There is a bill Bart Stupak has out and so my thinking is number one work with Direct TV and Dish Network and see if we can't get them to voluntarily address this."

Gohmert said he is willing to go across party lines to work with the Congressman carrying a "Right to Local Channels Act". However, he knows political pressure placed on satellite companies could lead to voluntary change.