High School Hero - Marcus Fowler

by Jessica Cervantez

What type of characteristics do you like to see in a High School Hero? Perhaps, someone who is smart, hardworking and talented. One Nacogdoches High School Hero is all up that and more.

Marcus Fowler, a senior at Nacogdoches High School, is surprised and honored to be named High School Hero.

Fowler is involved in more activities than he probably has time for, but he says he loves it. Fowler is the vice president of "The Notables," a prestige choir group at his high school. He is also the treasurer of the National Honors Society, involved with student council, and JOSA.

Marcus said it is important to him to stay in all of these activities.

"It will prepare me to be a better person in life," he said.

Through all his hard work, Fowler consider himself a hero.

"I see myself as a leader and I try to set a good example for others," he said.

Besides all of the extracurricular activities, Fowler is a talented singer, who loves the stage.

"I've been singing ever since I can remember. Sometimes I sing too much. I've been singing all of my life, it's a part of me and I like to share it with others," He said.

Marcus leaves a good impression on many teachers.

"Marcus is very goal oriented. He works very hard to achieve what he wants to do," said, Deborah Haas, Marcus' choir teacher.

Whether on stage or in the classroom, Marcus sets high goals. He plans to attend Texas A&M. After college, Fowler wants to join the Air Force.

Through all of his plans, he does not want to leave his singing behind."My singing will continue, it just might not be fame and fortune wise...maybe I will just sing for other people's enjoyment."

Whatever the future has in store for Marcus Fowler he is sure to be a success.