Full Davita statement

Yesterday's Grand Jury indictments of a lone individual for murder of patients at the Lufkin Dialysis Center in 2008 is a painful reminder of the terrible tragedy that has impacted our teammates, our patients, their families and our community.

We are certain yesterday's announcement also comes with mixed emotions for the victims' family members. Our sympathies and prayers go out to each and every one of them.

This lone individual's alleged intentional and deceptive acts have caused incredible grief for the victims' family members, the Lufkin community and the caring teammates who work at the Lufkin Dialysis Center.  We hope yesterday's announcement will be the beginning of the justice process that will hold this individual accountable for her heinous acts and begin the process of healing.

This past year has been a difficult time for the DaVita family. As events unfolded at the clinic last year, we contacted the Lufkin Police Department immediately upon becoming aware of the alleged criminal behavior that is the subject of the indictments yesterday. Since then, we have worked closely with every law enforcement official and State authority investigating the situation in order to know exactly what happened.  We commend our teammates who, during the early stages of this investigation, carefully preserved evidence that helped law enforcement officials do the important work that led to yesterday's charges.

Specifically, we understand the Grand Jury has issued an indictment for capital murder for the death of five patients and, further, five additional indictments for aggravated assault.

We are grateful for the Lufkin Police Department's diligence in pursuing their investigation and seeking these additional charges on this individual. The Lufkin Dialysis Center family has cooperated extensively in the investigation, including providing full access to our center and staff and securing and preserving physical evidence to share with police investigators. We want to thank them for their work and support in this matter as well. Our patients and their caregivers have been outraged at how the alleged actions of one person have caused so much pain and trauma to so many. 

The Lufkin Dialysis Center, with the approval of the Texas State Department of Health, has been open for several months and is providing quality care for Lufkin's dialysis patients in a secure, state-of-the-art environment.  The Lufkin Dialysis Center's 12-year tradition of delivering dedicated care to those afflicted with kidney disease and providing quality dialysis services to our patients is once again moving forward.

We are grateful to all our patients and the Lufkin community for their continued support.