Child advocacy center brings hope, life to abused children

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - It is a community's prayer of life and hope for the 189 child abuse victims in Houston County in 2008. "And to show support for these children, and we just thank you in Jesus name, Amen," said the Crockett County Sheriff.

189 colorful pinwheels enclose a tree of life on Crockett's town square. "The pinwheel represents them. That's someone who cares. That's someone who has taken a stand and has said this has got to stop," said Debbie McCall, Kalin's Center.

"To get some closure to the abuse and what's happened to them," said Donna Kasper, Houston County District Attorney.

Kalin's Center was built in 2001 in honor of a brave little girl. Kalin overcame indescribable abuse, and now she symbolizes the center's hope.

"I can now say she is no longer a victim, she is a survivor." said McCall.

Kalin's center is a central location for investigating agencies to interview a victim at once. "That way they're not re-victimized over and over and over not to tell her story...her or his story over and over," said McCall.

Last year alone in Texas there were about 70,000 victims of child abuse. 189 of those victims were from Houston County. Consider this: statistics show before the end of today, over 2,700 children nationwide will die or suffer from being abused.

"We have to keep this place going, and we have to get out there and help these young children because of Kalin," said McCall.

Mccall says their services only touch the tip of the iceberg. "It represents hope. I want every child to know that there is hope for them," said McCall.

She says public awareness compaigns like this one help spread that message.