Father and daughter scooting all over town and the nation

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Greg and Katie James are either planning out fast strategic marketing plans in the scooter business or testing out some of those fast moves on the road. They're comfortable in both elements. Greg, has sold cars and trucks since the 80's. "From economy cars to one ton pickup dually pickup truck and it's really all about responding to customers' needs," said James.

Katie grew up in the sales business, so she's the hip choice to manage the Lonestar Scooters Retail Store. She describes it as a "scooter boutique". "We got about 20 different models inside. Everything from 50 cc which go about 40 miles per hour to 150 cc which will do up to 60 to 65," explained Katie.

Together they're seeing things happen. The distribution market is much more than what Southwest Scooter Company's name implies. "Here we are in Texas, all the way over to Alabama, all the way up to Michigan, across North Dakota and then back down again, so all the central United States," James demonstrated before a national map.

So there's at least two people cheering when gas prices go up. "Now I would never admit to that," James said laughing. "But yes, the price of gas is our new best friend."

This means test drives are a dime or less a dozen. The sign of a good sales person is when they convince the customer to go for a spin. It's like learning to ride a bike all over again, but this duo promises with a little practice you'll be scootin' all over town.