Garrison parents fed-up with alleged gang of bullies

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - Sonya Hoarton is fed-up. "Somebody's telling him they're going to kill him, how is he going to focus on what he needs to," said Hoarton, mother.

She fears her son's safety is in the hands of a group of alleged bullies. Known as K-A-N; Kill All, followed by a racial slur.

"They are going around calling us the "n-word" and stuff and we've been trying to tell the teachers that they're going around and saying that, but teachers don't do nothing," said Noah Hoarton, victim of alleged bullies.

Noah is not the only one this alleged group of five kids is targeting. These elementary students are so upset, they don't even want to go to school.

"It makes me mad when they say that word," said Tyron Thompson, victim of alleged victims.

We then asked Thompson if he wanted to be the group's friend. Thompson replied, "Yeah, but not when they say KAN."

Garrison ISD declined to go on-camera, but they did give us this statement: "An incident has been reported and allegations made on the elementary campus. The administration is presently investigating these allegations and will make appropriate action based on what is found."

The parents gathered at Hoarton's home on Thursday sid the bullying has to stop. One by one, more concerned parents kept trickling in Hoarton's home.

"They're bothering my step-daughter down there, which is a black girl, calling her the n-word," said Randy Glass, father.

The parents want the reassurance their kids are safe in school. All the kids really want...."Not to be bothered with, do my work and go home," said Noah Hoarton.

While the parents say they are willing to give the school time to investigate, they say they want a change now.

The Garrison superintendent was out of town on business Thursday. The school district tells KTRE it is investigating the complaint. The concerned parents said they won't let this issue rest until the problem is addressed.