Saenz falsified resume to gain employment after she was charged, clinic manager says

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- A Lufkin woman accused in connection with five deaths at the DaVita clinic in Lufkin was able to gain employment at a local dermatology clinic by falsifying her resume, according to a manager there.

Kimberly Saenz, who was indicted and charged with injecting 10 patients with bleach, worked for "a few days" at the Dermatology Clinic of East Texas.

Kim Rowley, business manager at the clinic, said Saenz had falsified her resume, never mentioning her DaVita employment.

Saenz was employed there about a week up until her indictment. Rowley said the clinic did not realize Saenz's connection to DaVita until Saenz's husband told her she had been indicted.

Rowley stressed that Saenz worked in the clinic as an office person only. She said Saenz did not have anything to do with the medical part of the clinic.

"She had only worked there a few days under a training process in the business office," Rowley said. "She was under direct supervision at all times and had no access to medical supplies.

"The company is horrified that Mrs. Saenz was even in the office," Rowley said.

Rowley said Saenz's employment at the clinic has been terminated.