A recession is no time to cut back on greens

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You cannot pick fruits and vegetables out of your life.

"Any time you take out one of the major food groups, you are missing groups of nutrients," said Tim Scallon, a dietician at Memorial Health System of East Texas.

Nutrients one mother refuses to cut out of her family's diet because of the price.

"It would certainly be great if it went back down, but we tough the cost," said Jeanne Harper.

Scallon said eating healthy is about being a smart shopper.

He said, "When you compare desserts and snack foods and convenience items, those costs per servings to fresh fruit, the fresh fruit is a lot less expensive."

For some people it is a no-brainer.

"We need to learn how to eat correctly and there's really no excuse," Amy Clark said.

Scallon said it really does not matter if you eat fresh or canned, as long as you are not cutting out this major food group.

Fruits and veggies, even the ones your kids think are yuckie, do not take that big of a bite out of your wallet.

"If you compare vegetables to meat and dairy products, the vegetables are less expensive," Scallon said.

Jeoffrey is glad his mom is willing to spend the green, so he can eat the green.

"You need it to have a healthy lifestyle," said Jeoffrey Hollis.

Complete with his mom's stamp of approval.

"I just think they are really, really important and I'm a firm believer in fruits and vegetables," Harper said.

There is no question she will keep paying up, so her kids can eat up to stay healthy.

Scallon said you should look for price per serving when you shop to get the best deal.   He also said use a modest meat portion and eat fruit as a dessert, so you can be healthy and have extra change in your pocket.