Two churches comes together to create a milestone achievement

By Christel Phillips - email

LUFKIN, TX(KTRE)- The first service in their new building is truly a beginning for the New Beginnings Baptist Church. They are the 15th mission church established under First Baptist Church of Lufkin.

First Baptist Church Pastor, Andy Pittman said," When we started New Beginnings because we saw a need to invest in the African American community of Lufkin. "

Stephen Pinkney, Pastor of New Beginnings Baptist Church, said, "Being a mission church of First Baptist Church of Lufkin  they give us all the support we need."

The connection between the two churches is an accomplishment.

Pittman said, "New Beginnings Baptist Church is the only one as far as we know African American church that relates to Baptist General Convention of Texas at least in Angelina County.

It is a milestone that Pinkney feels says a lot about the growth in the Lufkin community. He adds, " I think this is speaking strongly of Lufkin and the type of community that we stay in, that we are able to have a African American BGCT says we are growing."

The church hopes to grow as well, making their focus... everyone.

Pastor Pittman said, " We don't want any of the people around Pershing to think they can't come if there not African American people, we would hope it to be a multicultural, interracial church."

The pews here are not completely full, but the Pastor and the New Beginnings congregation has a plan and a mission to change that.

The First Baptist family is a tremendous support. Their help along with the support from the Southern Baptist Convention has been an overwhelming experience for the congregation.

New Beginnings church member, Naomi Dixon said, "The SBC is like finding a specialist when you know your heart needs a transplant and they've got access to it."

This new relationship between churches is a mission to help those in need.

Easter Sunday will be the New Beginnings Church's official grand opening. The church will have a community block party on Saturday April 11th  from 12 pm to 6pm. Admission is free to the public.  The church is located on 1002 Pershing Street.