Huntington team going to DI global competition

A Huntington Middle School Destination Imagination team will be making the trip to Tennessee following their performance at the state competition this past weekend.

The Project Outreach Team received an "outstanding" rating on their challenge.

DI is a community-based, non-profit, volunteer-driven educational organization that teaches young people from kindergarten through university-level the critical and creative thinking skills needed for success in the 21st Century.  DI works with more than 250,000 children and young adults in all 50 states and more than 40 countries each season.  DI teaches the processes of Creative Problem Solving and teamwork.

As a compliment to traditional education, DI offers participants of all ages a real-world experience in creativity, teamwork and problem solving.  From the elementary science buff to the university band leader (and all those in between), everyone can benefit from participation in the DI program.