'Shattered Dreams' sheds light on drunk driving during prom season

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - The drinking and driving dramatization is realistic. The scene is loaded with EMS reposnse, police, and even death. For many, the reality of the program is too much for words.

"Horrified," said Cotton Holman, Hudson High School junior.

The car glass is not all that would be shattered. National statistics show that every 12 minutes someone is killed in a drinking and driving related accident.

And as students at Hudson High School watch their friends in the re-enactment, they said they will think twice. "I think they're really going to listen next time they think about drinking another beer and getting in the car," said Holman.

That is the exact message "Shattered Dreams" wants to get across to students. "It's a big party season for teenagers. It's their prom season, it's graduation time," said Leslie Ashby, Hudson High School Media Specialist.

"They'll drink before or after prom and then go ahead and drive home or drive to another party. So hopefully they'll see that this may happen to them so they won't do it," said Trista Crowder, Hudson High School senior.

Ashby said by educating students, she hopes they will share what they have learned with their parents. "Their parents are enablers," said Ashby.

"Parents are normally the ones that hold the parties and if they come to this they'll know they shouldn't, or hopefully they'll get that out of this program," said Crowder.

For many students these images will be a constant reminder. "I don't think people will leave here and just forget about this. I think this will make students liste," said Holman.

And remember not to drink and drive. Click here for information about the program, "Shattered Dreams."