Michael Sarver comes home to proud fans

By Holley Nees - bio | email

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - "By the grace of God I ended up here in Jasper," said Michael Sarver.

A town that believes it truly is an act of God they can claim michael sarver as their own.

"Michael is the best thing that ever happened to Jasper," said one young fan.

"He's a good name for us here in Jasper, Texas," another fan said.

Sarver said his American Idol journey is not about what it did for him, it is about what it did for his city, and his city took full advantage of their hometown hero on Tuesday and got some autographs.

They gave him a key to the city he loves so much and even made him an Honorable Citizen, something that left his dad struggling to find words.

"I'm just so proud of him.  I want to come out of my skin," said Michael's dad, Dirk Sarver.

He knows his son's journey is not over.

"I love you son and daddy's very proud of you," the idol dad said.

A couple hundred others came out to listen to the voice of the man that made them proud.

"He's a great singer and he deserves to go to the end," one fan pointed out.

Another fan came all the way from Houston because she said, "I wanted to support our hometown guy."

One supporter admitted she, "...voted for 45 minutes every time."

Support Sarver knows he could not have made it without.

"They asked me how I could smile through elimination.  Well, if everybody had a place to come home to and a family to come home to like I did, then they'd be smiling too," Michael Sarver said.

He said he is going straight to record a studio album and the people of Jasper will be first in line to listen to their idol.

Since he was a finalist, he will be on tour with American Idol, which is expected to make a stop in Houston.   He said he wants everyone to be there.