Davy Crockett Bear Run Marathon stimulates economy

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - Steve and Paula met at the boston marathon 11 years ago. "And now we're married and life's good," said Steve Boone, 50 States Mararthon Club.

The Boones are the founders of the 50 States Marathon Club. They run all over the country,  but on this Saturday, they have put up their running shoes up to help direct the Bear Run Marathon in Groveton. Boone said the race brings in $10,000 to $20,000. "It [the money] goes to the Groveton Chamber of Commerce to help develop the local area," said Boone.

The immediate impact is the economic boost the more than 300 runners, their families and supporters give to Groveton businesses. "The marathon fills up hotels all around this area, fills up restaurants, things like that. People are coming in everywhere from New York to Houston," said Boone.

"It [the marathon] brings people to new areas, brings a little tourism," said Thayer Christodoulo, a marathon runner from Boston.

Christodoulo said she is training for the Boston Marathon. She said she enjoyed the change of scenery. "We saw cows and some pastures. It was fun," said Christodoulo.

Boone said having a good time is what this is all about. "These are all of our friends, everyone runs the same course,  and if you're fast, you're fast, or if you're slow, you're slow...we all take the same beating," said Boone.

He said here, age doesn't matter, it is never too late to stretch your legs out.

The Bear Run Marathon is an annual event. Runners have the option of competing in a marathon, half marathon or 5K. If running is not your thing, the event also offers the Possum Walk.