Local church puts on play with less than 48 hours to prepare

By Holley Nees - bio | email

CLAWSON, TX (KTRE) - For 14 years, Mark Green has helped put on the play "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames" multiple times.

"About anywhere you can think to host the drama, we've been there," said Green, a team member of Reality Outreach.

Sunday "there" was Clawson, Texas, and in less than 48 hours he transformed a group of East Texans into actors.

Junelle Merritt, one of the cast members said,  "Everybody got their lines down and we [had] a little miscommunication on like where to be and stuff, but we fixed them and God worked in miraculous ways."

Green said now, the cast has a bond stronger than cement.

"It's fun to do especially when you're helping lead people to Christ,"  said cast member Brian Toole.

Through nine scenes actors die in tragic events like car accidents and plane crashes.   They are welcomed into heaven's gates or dragged into hell's flames, a scene that made audience members think twice.

"I think it really touched a lot of people," audience member Jessica Kendrick said.

Jessica Ponder was also in the audience.  She said, "It makes it easier to make that decision when it feels more real."

Ponder was referring to the decision to accept Christ.

However, even after 14 years, for Green it is much more than set-up, rehearse, perform, and take down.

"We live in such a busy society that people think this life is all there is, so we just help people think beyond the grave," Green said.

Something one cast member said is a must.

"Ask Christ in your life because no telling when you're going to die, you need to always be ready," Mercedes Perez said.

An idea these East Texans worked hard to make a reality.

If you are interested in having the drama come to your group or organization, go to the Big Red Box.   There you will find more information on Reality Outreach.