Tea parties held to protest government spending. Love it or Hate it? Leave your comments.

USA (AP) - Wednesday is the income tax filing deadline and some people are marking the day with protests.

They say they're Taxed Enough Already - T.E.A. - and are holding so-called "tea parties" across the country.

Organizers say they're steamed at government spending since President Barack Obama's administration took over.

Some taxpayers got things started at Missouri's state capital Tuesday, when about 200 people spoke out against federal bailouts and spending.

In New Hampshire, state employees are hitting the street to speak out against cuts aimed at public employee jobs.

In East Texas, Tea Parties are scheduled in Longview outside the Gregg County courthouse. Tyler's Tea Party will be downtown on the square. Both are at noon. Jacksonville is hosting its party later in the evening at 5:30 outside the Norman Activity Center. In Nacogdoches, a Tea Party is set for 5:30, a 5 o'clock party will be held in Athens.

Gun Barrell City will hold their Tea Party at Noon, and Gilmer will also have one at noon.

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