High School Hero - Kim Lucas

Kim Lucas has been singing for several years at her church in Corrigan. She doesn't try to receive any recognition or awards for her voice, she simply says, God has told her to share her voice for his praise.
"I just do it for joy. I come to church and sing every Sunday morning and Sunday night and every Wednesday night and just the people coming and saying that they enjoy my singing, that's the biggest gift to me," said Kim Lucas.
Not only does Kim sing, she also has written several songs. Most of her songs were written to inspire those around her.
"Just let them know that there is some hope out there, there's so much this world has that just tears people down and I just want to give those people hope," added Lucas.
Although Lucas doesn't seek awards for her singing, she has received numerous awards for drama and hopes to go to T.C.U on a drama scholarship. But which one's her favorite, singing or acting?
"I can't say that one is more important than the other because I love them both dearly. And I probably will never give up either one," explained Kim.